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Be Healthier

With a proper nutrition and exercise plan, you can expect to see significant health gains. Many clients have successfully conquered Type 2 Diabetes, while others have weaned themselves off of medications for cholesterol and high blood pressure. Others still have overcome other chronic ailments.

“There are so many things out there that can be done with nutrition,” explains lead nutritionist Michelle Nadon. “Type 2 Diabetes is so controllable and curable. The unfortunate situation is that no one takes the time with diabetics to do it. Getting Type 2 Diabetes under control is about being able to spend time with somebody one on one, because everyone is different. Here, we curtail their diet and their body weight so it disappears. You’re controlling it; it’s no longer controlling you.”

Experience Counts

Express Weight Loss is run by Michelle Nadon, and is the culmination of her years of fitness and nutrition experience.

Open to Everyone

While based at Windsor’s Train Station Fitness, the Express Weight Loss Program is open to the general public. “We have no problem designing a nutrition program for members of other clubs, showing them how to do it, and then having them go work out at their own space,” explains Nadon.

Custom-Tailored Program

Because our program is based on eating real food, it allows out clients to lose up to 50 pounds in 90 days with no injections. 



David RI have been over weight most of my life and have some injuries, so I can't work out as hard as most. Because of that, a lot of gyms around here don't know how to handle someone like me. Then I found Express Weight Loss at Train Station Fitness. They told me how he would handle my weight loss with a program of proper training and diet. I’m already down 30 pounds! It's hard work, but worth it. Thanks to Expess Weight Loss I'm on my way to a better life. I like this gym. The clients are around my age (50) and that makes me more comfortable.


David BishopI had been thinking about getting in shape for quite some time so went to check out Train Station Fitness. From the first visit, I was struck by how friendly and knowledgeable all of the staff were, the cleanliness of the facility, and that they were marketing to the "Boomers". After meeting with them and discussing how their programs could best meet my needs, I decided to get a membership. It was the best decision I've made in a long time. I followed the Express Weight Loss Program and obtained advice, support, guidance and the occasional kick-in-the-butt from Dan, one of the personal trainers. Since then I've lost 40lbs., just over halfway to my long term goal. I've also lost more than a few inches, gained lots of energy, and am feeling better than I've felt in a very long time. Following the program faithfully and getting to the gym regularly is key to the progress I'm making, but the nonjudgemental support of everyone there, both staff and other members, sure makes it easier.


Wendy DearingI have been a long time client of Dennis and have lost 123lbs. I still have a bit to go so I followed him to Express Weight Loss at Train Station Fitness and am now working out there. Everyone is friendly and very helpful. Because of the exercise and eating programs Express Weight Loss have guided me on, my doctor has taken me off of my blood pressure medication and 2 diabetes medications. I feel GREAT!


Stacey JunckMy mind has been completely blown that with the tools provided to me by Express Weight Loss, I've been able to loose 37 pounds in less than five weeks. The atmosphere at the gym is one that can't be ignored, from Denis and the Express Weight Loss program, to the front-end staff, to my amazing trainer Jessica, to the facility itself. Everything is what I could consider to be perfect. The diet plan is so simple to follow, using food out of your fridge. I never feel hungry and the pounds melt away. I am type 2 diabetic taking one pill a day and my family doctor feels with the changes that I've implemented into my life (with help of Express Weight Loss) I should be transitioning off the medication in the next two months. My life has changed for good and Iowe it all to Express Weight Loss!


Dave Pelkey

I started Express Weight Loss in May and have lost 32 pounds and feel amazing. With regular work outs and a better diet, my energy levels have increased dramatically. This is a life style that I am definitely going to keep up.


Deb Ebel TestimonialI finally stopped by to check it out. I had a lot of weight to lose and felt pretty hopeless. I talked with the nutritionist and it was suggested I try their diet plan, and I was encouraged to get a trainer as well. I am so happy I did. My trainer Dan, encouraged me and assured me that he would help me reach my goals. I am down 46 pounds so far and feel great. I still have 85 pound to go but with support of the staff I can do it My doctor is very happy with my new blood results as well. Going to this gym is like being a part of a family, I highly recommend it.


Christine AlexanderGoing to Express Weight Loss/Train Station Fitness has helped me get my sugar levels in control. They show you what foods to eat and what combination works. Not only did they get my sugar in control, but I have lost 23lbs and I feel great!


Len Meloche Befor and After

My weight was 315 and I was miserable, tired all the time and uncomfortable. Express Weight Loss gave me the direction and the tools to become a healthier eater. I have been able to take off over 60 lbs, have quit smoking and feel better than I have in years. Express Weight Loss will motivate you and focus your energy into getting healthy. The results come! I don't consider this to be a weight loss system. I consider it a way to live a healthier life and extend the life that I have. The owners, management staff, employees and personal trainers at Train Station exceed my expectations every time I go in. They are courteous, friendly and always willing to help out whenever needed. Whether you are 100 lbs. overweight or just looking to get back to a healthier lifestyle, I recommend Express Weight Loss and their staff to provide you with whatever your needs may be.